Q: Will there be tickets available at the door?

A: YES! Tickets will be available at the door. Please BE AWARE that ticket prices INCREASE at the door to $70 for a mother/son and $30 for each additional son.  Ticket pricing structure is as follows:

Pricing for 2019

  • AT THE DOOR: $70 mother/son combo + $30 per extra son
  • ADVANCE TICKETS: $55 mother/son combo + $25 per extra son
  • V.I.P. $150 mother/son combo + $30 per extra son
Q: Does my ticket include dinner?
A: YES!  Food for 2019 includes Papa John’s pepperoni or cheese pizza and desserts from Frost Me Sweet and WEice. Drinks include  water and Sunkist/7-up/Dr. Pepper products donated by Swire. Each attendee receives a ticket that perforates into 3 pieces—1 for a slice of pizza, 1 for a drink and 1 for a dessert.  Once these ticket pieces are spent, cash is accepted for additional food.
Q: Where is the Southridge Sports and Event Complex?

A: 2901  Southridge Blvd  Kennewick,  WA 99338 

Phone  Number: 509-585-4293 (This number does not work for ticket sales.)

Q: Are there going to be pictures at the event?
A: Yes and LOTS!  We will have an amazing professional photographer taking pictures and selling packages for a small fee at the Leprechaun Limbo. In addition to this we will have an event photographer roaming through the complex. We encourage you to bring a camera and take pictures to post on our Facebook page and Instagram too!
If you purchased your ticket online, you were asked to give permission for photographs of you and your son that are taken at the event to be used in publicity for the coming years. If you do NOT wish to have your photo used in that way, please request an orange wristband at the information booth after you check in.
Q: I saw my photo on your poster! Do I get free tickets?
A: Unfortunately no, we cannot give free tickets to those featured in photographs taken at our event. If you do NOT want your photo used in advertising for Leprechaun Limbo, you MUST request and orange wristband at check-in or at the information booth the night of the event. You will not ever be tagged in a photograph by Leprechaun Limbo, though it is possible that another guest will inadvertently post of photo of you and name you. This is beyond our control.
Q: Should my son and I dress up formal for this?

A: This is your decision. The evening involves dancing, sport activities, craft activities and more. All of the events are designed for moms and sons to participate in together. We suggest dressing comfortably for an active night together. Take advantage of our theme and incorporate green into your outfits! Ultimately, dress is up you to. We also have t-shirts available for purchase (pre-sale only) when you buy your ticket online. Check out our photo library to see what people wore last year.

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Q: Where do I buy tickets?


At the door:

Southridge Sports & Event Complex | 2901 Southridge Blvd Kennewick, Wa 99338


Kennewick Ranch & Home
845 N. Columbia Center Blvd. | Kennewick

Adventures Underground
1391 George Washington Way | Richland

Richland Wye YMCA
1234 Columbia Park Trail | Richland

Kennewick YMCA
741 S. Dayton Street, Suite B | Richland



Q: What’s the difference between VIP and general tickets?
A: VIP tickets include extra swag, early entrance to the event, special VIP area, free face painting, and your own pizza. Pizzas are pre-ordered with your ticket purchase and will be available inside the VIP area.
Q: How old does my son need to be to attend?

A: This event is open to all ages, however, the activities we have planned we recommend 3 and up but dancing for all ages. Younger boys are entertained by dancing and the Carousel of Dreams.

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Q: Why is your ticket price more than the Father-Daughter Ball?

A: The events are not related or connected in any way. We have aimed to keep our ticket price affordable and offer much more than a dance and light refreshments. The Leprechaun Limbo is also not a community outreach program sponsored by a church. Your ticket price covers music, pizza, drinks, snacks, a dessert, activities, games, and more. There will be chances to win tickets, so please follow our Facebook page and we will let you know about those opportunities as they arise

Q: I cannot go now. Can I get a refund?
A: We do not offer refunds. If you suddenly cannot attend, we are sorry, but we will not refund your ticket. If you do need to get rid of a ticket at the last minute, we suggest posting your ticket for sale on our Facebook page or we have seen them on Craig’s List.
Q: My business would like to be involved in this event, what do I do?

A:  Please contact either Chandra Christenson 509.430.8786 or Jane Winslow 509.531.0121 for our sponsorship levels and pricing. We can’t do this without your support and we thank you in advance for your help. Visit our Sponsorship page to take a look at what we have to offer. If you have a different idea, let us know!

Q: Will there be more events like this?

A: At this time, Leprechaun Limbo is our labor of love. We do not have additional events planned. If we do develop another community event, we will announce it on our Facebook page and on our website. THANK YOU to all of you who have asked for another event, particularly a mother-daughter event. We have not been able to make that happen just yet.

Q: How do I get my t-shirt?

A: T-shirts can be picked up between March 12 and March 15 at YMCA, 1234 Columbia Park Trail in Richland. Watch your email to confirm shirt deliveries, as youth XS sizes were delayed. Call Jane at 509 531 0121 or email jane @ leprechaun limbo.com if you have questions about your shirt order. There WILL NOT be additional shirts for sale at the event.

Q: What time can I get in?

A: VIP guests may enter at 4pm and the doors open for general admission at 5pm. The event is over at 9pm.  Please do not arrive earlier than the ticket you purchased.

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