Mother-Son Night Out

Mother-Son Night Out was born out of a real need in the Tri-Cities to have entertaining, special bonding events for mothers and their boys in the Tri-Cities. There are lots of Father-Daughter events, but this is the first specifically for moms and their boys available annually in the Tri-Cities. 

JaneAndChandraChandra Christenson, owner of Simplified Celebrations and mother of two boys, along with Jane Winslow, owner of WinSome Design, and mother of one son, decided it was time to create and event for the community.

We are looking for opportunities to have a good time with our boys and create something larger for the community. We are excited to support local charities. As families, we participate in lots of community events, but really want to create something special that celebrates the relationship between mothers and sons.

The mother-son bond is a special one. Too soon, boys outgrow the desire to make memories with mom. Let’s make those nights count!